These sites are to assist in providing sources of information on Ukraine and the Ukrainian Labour Movement, the sites and their content do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.

Ukrainian Trade Unions

KVPU – The Confederation of Free Trade Unions

FPSU – Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine

NGPU Independent Union of Miners of Ukraine

Regional Organisations of NGPU

Trade Union of the Coal Industry of Ukraine

Trade Union Labour Solidarity

Independent Trade Union Defence of Labour

Independent Media Trade Union of UkraineAll-Ukrainian Union of Finance Workers

Independent Trade Unions of the Energy Sector

Ukrainian Left Organisations

Соціальний рух/Social Movement  –

Spilne/Commons Journal

Vpered on-line journal

Research and Analysis

Centre for Social Research

Kharkiv human rights protection group

Amnesty International Ukraine

Observer Ukraine

LeftEast – platform where our common struggles and political commitments come together

Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe

Journal of Ukrainian Studies

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe

Russian Left

Russian Socialist Movement

Praxis Centre Moscow


Irish Ukrainian Solidarity Group

Global Labour Institute

Press and Media

Krytyka, Journal of Critical Thinking


Ukrainian Pravda

Community TV

Spilno TV

Ukraine Today

Ukraine and its History

ISN Ukraine Crisis Reader – sources

EuroMaidan Research Forum

BRAMA – History of Ukraine Chronologically Synchronized Tables

Ukrainian Socialists in Canada, 1900-1918

A Memoir of Auschwitz and Birkenau Roman Rosdolsky

Engels and the `Nonhistoric’ Peoples: the National Question in the Revolution of 1848, Roman Rosdolsky

The Dialectics of the Ukrainian Revolution – Introduction to Borotbism by Ivan Maistrenko

Borotbism: A Chapter in the History of the Ukrainian Revolution by Ivan Maistrenko

Internationalism or Russification?: A study in the Soviet nationalities problem, by Ivan Dzyuba

On the Current Situation in the Ukraine by Serhii Mazlakh and Vasyl’ Shakhrai

Ukrainian Marxists and Russian Imperialism 1918-1923: Prelude to the Present in Eastern Europe’s Ireland

Ukrainian National Communism in International Context Olena Palko

A Bolshevik Party with a National Face Being Ukrainian among Communists by Olena Palko

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Ukraine-related information on the Internet