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The Workers Movement and the National Question in Ukraine 1880-1920

Bojcun’s study presents the workers’ movement in Ukraine against the backdrop of the development of capitalism in the Russian Empire, the emergence of Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian social democratic parties, the 1905 Revolution, the First World War, the 1917 Revolution and the Civil war.

Велика Британія: Парламентарі вимагають справедливості щодо 94-х гірників “Інгульської”

Звертаю Вашу увагу на вчорашний відгук в Лондоні на судовий процес проти гірників у Кіровограді.

Labour MPs Demands Justice for the 94 Miners facing the Court in Ukraine

The call for Justice for the 94 Ukrainian miners has been raised in the UK Parliament by Labour MP’s.

Independent Miners union is facing pressure in the fight for rights

The  Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NGPU) reports that union members are placed under pressure and have their labour rights violated at mines owned by Evraz Sukha Balka in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Private security employed by the company regularly conducts searches of workers.


krainian miners of the uranium mine “Ingulska” (Kirovohrad region), who were protesting for a wage increase, are facing prosecution for holding a protest underground after their shift finished. Court proceedings began against the 94 miners on 18 December in Kropyvnytskyi