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As part of our series of articles to mark the Centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is pleased publish for the first time this essay by the historian John-Pual Himka.

‘Novorossiya’s’ Right-wing Friends

The war in Ukraine has virtually eliminated moderate and neutral stances – the Russian regime is either criticized or overtly supported and vindicated. And while the “Russophilia” of many parties and movements was unnoticeable earlier, they are now forced to articulate it more clearly.

‘Novorossiya’s’ ‘Leftist’ Friends

Novorossiya’s foreign friends who, in 99% of cases, are also friends of Russia and worshippers of Putin, may explain their views from various, sometimes incompatible positions.  Novorossiya can be supported both by a white racist and a communist who talks about the fight against “Ukrainian fascism” and “Western imperialism.” 


To mark the Centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution we will be republishing histories, analysis and documents of the time.  Below we publish for the first time in English a section of the most important histories of the by Pavlo Khrystiuk, Comments and Materials on the History of the Ukrainian Revolution, 1917–20, 4 vols, 1921–2).  


If the BBC carried a report portraying Neo-Nazi’s engaged in hate crime in London as lovable rogues turned to a good cause there would be outrage.  Yet that is what the BBC has done in a report on Ukraine entitled ‘C14 Group: hooligans who catch separatists’.  

Ukraine – miners remain underground demanding wages

Miners from two mines owned by the state enterprise Lysychanskvugillya in the Luhansk region of Ukraine are staying underground, demanding that salaries owed are paid. The protest is being supported by 300 family members and by activists across Ukraine from the NGPU (Independent Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine)   On 15 July, 70 miners from the […]