Monthly Archives: March 2017

Bitter Harvest the Stalinist Terror Famine in Ukraine

The new film Bitter Harvest set during the Stalinist terror in Ukraine is now showing in cinemas.  It is a romantic-drama about the man-made famine which swept the Soviet Ukraine in 1932-33 killing millions.  The film Directed by Canadian film director of Ukrainian descent George Mendeluk, brings to the big screen an aspect of the tragic history […]

Explosion Kills Eight Miners in Ukraine

We are saddened to have received the news from our friend Yuri Samolylov of the Independent Trade Union of Miners  of Ukraine (NPGU) of an explosion in the Stepova Mine of Lvivuhilia state company on 2nd March, 8 miners were killed and 21 miners were seriously injured.  The mine is located in the Hlukhiv village, […]