Monthly Archives: March 2016

Russia Declares War on Crimean Tatars

Republished below is an personal article by Halya Coynash of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group on the ongoing oppression of the Crimean Tatars since the Russian annexation of Crimea.  Once the majority of the population Crimea, the Tatars have a long history of oppression notably the mass deportation  of the entire population by Stalin […]

Neo=Nazi thugs attack LGBT Equality Festival in Lviv

Halya Coynash  Kharkiv Human Human Rights Protection Group  The Equality Festival events planned for this weekend in Lviv have been disrupted and the activists effectively – and with violence – driven out of the city.   The police did not detain any of the young far-right thugs in masks who first harassed activists, then surrounded the […]