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The Fallacy of ‘Novorossiya’s’ ‘Leftist’ Friends

Labour Movement Must Oppose Restoring a Tsarist Colony in Ukraine Imagine a campaign to support the abolition of Zimbabwe and restoration of the white colony of Rhodesia; it would be reactionary.  Yet that is precisely what is happening on the European left as regards Ukraine. A section of the left, especially from the Stalinist tradition […]

The ‘fear of Maidan’ and anti-revolutionary politics in Putin’s Russia

Ilya Budraitskis of the Russian Socialist Movement and Ukrainian socialist Volodymyr Ischenko of the journal Spilna speaking at the recent conference in Sofia  about the Ukraine crisis and left perspectives .

President signs dangerously flawed ‘decommunization’ laws

Halya Coynash  Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group  President Poroshenko has signed highly contentious laws one of which effectively criminalizes public expression of views held by many Ukrainians.  The assurance given that a bill will be tabled to rectify some of the problems appears to refer to only one of the laws and begs the question […]


ASLEF AFFILIATES TO UKRAINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN  The train drivers union – Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF), has decided to affiliate to the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.    Delegates assembled in Southend for ASLEF’s Annual Assembly of Delegates received a message of solidarity from their sister union the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine […]

ITUC appeals to President Poroshenko in support of Ukrainian Miners

Sharon Burrow  General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation has written to the President of Ukraine protesting at the failure to engage with the Ukrainian miners trades unions who are in a major dispute against pit closures.  This is an important step in building international solidarity with the miners struggle.  Dear Mr President, It is with deep […]

What is required now from the European left on the Ukrainian question:

Andriy Ischenko is a leading socialist and trade union activist in the city of Odessa,  he is active in the intiative towards forming a new left party in Ukraine.  A number of activists in the UK have had the privilege of discussing with him the situation in Ukraine, and the crisis of the European left, […]

Miners Unions Open Letter to President of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Miners are engaged in a dispute for the survival of their industry.  As part of their ongoing campaign to stop pit closures the Independent Trade Union of Miners (NGPU) has issued an open letter.    Petro Poroshenko President of Ukraine  Arsenyi Yatseniuk Prime Minister of Ukraine  Volodynyr Groisman Head of Verkhovna Rada of […]