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The trade unions in Ukraine need support for independence and democracy – interview with Vasyl Andreyev, president of Building workers Union

Interview conducted by the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers ( EFBWW ) Domenico Pesenti,  EFBWW President and Filca-Cisl General Secretary says: “We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and workers, and with the Ukrainian trade union movement especially the Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers’ Union of Ukraine PROFBUD, supporting its initiative for a […]

Tragic Accounts of Ukraine’s Jewish community:

“We did not want this conflict. We can’t believe it has happened.” 20/03/2015 By James Libson Chairman of World Jewish Relief I am writing this on the plane back from Istanbul after two moving, profoundly worrying days in Zaparozhye, East Ukraine visiting people and projects supported by WJR.   The reason I am flying from Istanbul is […]


The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign presents the following statement by the All-Ukraine Independent Trade Union Defence of Labour –  [ Zakhist Pratsi ].  We appeal to the labour movement to show solidarity with the trade unionists and community in Odessa whose efforts to challenge price increases have been met with repression.  We have also seen the harassment […]

Hands off of Independent Trade Unions!

March 16, 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk was held to protest against the administrations pressure on independent  Trade Unions of Ukraine. The protest was held in front of the District Administrative Court of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast [Region]  against attempts by the administration to eliminate  the main YuGOK union organization at this enterprise – the Independent Trade Union of Miners […]

Bitter Crimean Anniversary – Victims of Russian Annexation

Halya Coynash Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group It is exactly one year since Russian forces seized control of government buildings and airports in Crimea and organized the events leading swiftly to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It was a year that saw murder and disappearances, Soviet-style bans and deportation, as well as persecution of all who oppose […]

Continuing Obstruction of Odessa May 2 Investigation

Halya Coynash Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Court rejection of a suit demanding access to forensic material connected with the events in Odessa on May 2, 2014 may not be breaking news, but it is yet another frustrating failure to understand the need for openness in this case.  Russian propaganda has from the outset worked to […]

Odessa May 2 trial turns into farce

By Halya Coynash Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Whatever the reasons for delays and flaws in investigating and prosecuting crimes related to the disturbances, fire and deaths on May 2, 2014 in Odessa, procrastination serves only the interests of Russian propaganda’s ‘massacre’ claims Forty-eight people died in Odessa on May 2, 2014 during disturbances in the city […]