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Russian Imperialism Today

by Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski Sergey Nikolsky, a Russian philosopher of culture, says that perhaps the most important idea for Russians “from the fall of Byzantium until today is the idea of empire and the fact that they are an imperial nation. We have always known that we live in a country whose history is an […]

Posters of the Left-Opposition in Ukraine

Job cuts will begin with a coalition agreement – a declaration of criminal intent and continuing the policy of Yanukovych.  A betrayal of the aspirations of millions of people to live in dignity without the yoke oligarchs.           “The coalition will assume responsibility for the implementation of the IMF program – Yatsenyuk” I will not hesitate. There […]


Marko Bojcun Observer Ukraine The results of the elections on 26 October to the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) clearly show a return to the status quo ante, to the time of secure oligarchic rule before the Maidan. The Ukrainian ruling class continues on its course to reinforce its control over the state rather than to democratise and […]

Nazi Desecration of Monument at Babyn Yar

This attack at the site of a terrible Nazi crime comes just days after prominent Ukrainian Jewish organizations warned of the need for vigilance, calm and unity in the face of a dishonest propaganda campaign around anti-Semitism in Ukraine and likely attempts at provocation Vandals have desecrated the Menorah which forms part of the Memorial […]

Poroshenko Stops Benefits: Donbas Ukrainians feel betrayed

The Ukrainian government has issued a blow to people living in areas under the control of Kremlin-backed militants.  That at least is how many Ukrainians from Donbas view measures taken which could leave some of the most vulnerable people in Donbas effectively abandoned.  First on Nov 7 the government announced that it would no longer […]

Steps continue towards a party of labour in Ukraine!

Strong steps towards the organisation of an independent workers/Labour Party are continuing in Ukraine following a highly successful conference in the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih.   An organising committee for a new party is now engaged in preparatory work and a new Ukrainian workers paper has been launched Social Revolution. On 18-19 October at the Bohdan […]

Labour Left Backs the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

The Labour Representation Committee, the main organisation of the left of the Labour Party has voted at its conference on 8th November to support the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign. The majority of the LRC conference rejected the views of supporters of the ultra Stalinist ‘New Communist Party’ and other sectarians, to adopt a motion from Noel Park Labour […]