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Miners Union Warns of Ecological Disaster in Donbas

Military action and destruction contribute of the ecological disaster in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Mykhailo VOLYNETS, Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine: ‘It’s possible in the near future that there will be an ecological disaster in Donbass region, as well as in some areas of Russia.  I’ll try to explain my […]

The Conflict in Ukraine, and the Russian New Left

Revolutions and their Translators: Maidan, the Conflict in Ukraine, and the Russian New Left by Alexei Yurchak Most accounts of the conflict in Ukraine reproduce the familiar Cold War binary. For the Russian government-controlled TV channels, Maidan (Ukraine’s revolution of the winter 2013–2014) was a fascist coup that overthrew the legitimate government with the US imperialist […]

News from the Trade Union of the Coal Industry of Ukraine

On 17 October 2014, the Third Plenary Session of the “UkraineCoalUnion” and Territorial Union of Coal-Mining Industry of Ukraine was   held at the Public Joint Stock Company “DETK” assembly.  Sergey Yunak, President of Territorial Union of Coal-Mining Industry of Ukraine (PRUP) made the following report: “Currently Ukraine is in a state of war. And each of […]

Ukrainian Far Right mobilisation on ‘Day of UPA’

Republished from:  Ukraine: Activist Perspective A short overview of the events of October 14, the Day of UPA, in #Kyiv#Kiev. President #Poroshenko introduced a new date for the Defender of Fatherland Day—October 14th. According to the myth, it was the founding date of the Ukrainian Insurgent army in 1942. The Defender of Fatherland Day used to be celebrated […]

Mass protest of trade unions in Kyiv demands reforms

A mass protest of Ukrainian workers was held in Kyiv on 15th October, 2014, organised by the Federation of Trade Unions – under the banner of their campaign, Ukrainian Forum of Trade Unions’ Unions for Decent Work and well-being.  The picket was held on the occasion of the International Day against poverty and the picket […]

NUM Calls for a united Ukraine and supports Ukrainian trade unions

The National Union of Mineworkers supports Ukrainian unity and the Ukrainian trade unions The National Union of Minworkers has contributed to ongoing discussions in the trade union movement on Ukraine with a robust decleration of support for the Ukrainian trade union movement and for a united Ukraine.


SOCIAL PROTESTS AND REPRESSION IN SEPARATIST RUN DONBAS The news about social ‪‎protests has reached ‪‎Donbass, the region which is struggling to separate from ‪‎Ukraine. The protests are directed against the policies of ‪‎separatist government. The ‪‎protesters suffered threats and ‪‎violent repressions for their actions. On September 22, the people of Atratsit (‪Luhansk region) went out to the city central square, by the premises of the […]