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Ukraine: Resisting nationalist polarization and Russian invasion – Building a Democratic Left Party

A leftist feminist point of view POTARSKAYA Nina, BATOU Jean Nina Potarskaya is one of the leading Ukrainian leftist feminists, founder of the feminist squadron at Maidan, and member of the Left Opposition, which helped organize three successive conferences of left forces in Kyiv, in November 2013, March 2014, and September 2014. The most recent […]


UKRAINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN This trade union/organisation notes: 1. The ongoing conflict between  the Ukrainian government and paramilitary forces in the east of the  country backed by Russian imperialism. 2. That all workers in  Ukraine – Ukrainian-speaking, Russian-speaking and Russian – are  facing attacks on their rights and living standards as a result of  neo-liberal economic […]

Vasyl Cherepanyn heavily beaten in Kyiv by paramilitary thugs

On 23 September unknown perpetrators in military fatigues beat the editor-in-chief of Ukrainian ‘Political Critique’ magazine, doctor of humanities, lecturer at the Kiev-Mohyla University and head of the Centre for Visual Culture Research.    Vasily participated actively in social, academic and artistic life of the Ukrainian capital having invited a number of intellectuals to the […]

Appeal by the Board of the Kharkiv Oblast Organization of the Ukrainian National Journalists’ Union

Kharkiv journalists are concerned about the disappearance of Luhansk journalist Oleksandr Belokobylskyi. On September 13, Oleksandr left Kharkiv for Luhansk. He made it to Starobelsk. He then went by bus to Luhansk to deliver medicine to several friends and family. Relatives of the journalist say they were able to call all the locations Oleksandr had […]

Left activists of Ukraine are uniting into a new party

The Ukrainian “new left” discussed the idea of ​​creating a democratic party of labour on the basis of the political party “Socialist Ukraine”.  Following this a Steering Committee was set up On September 6-7, 2014 a conference “The war in Ukraine and policies of the Left,” was held in the Ukrainian House, supported by the […]

International TUC and British TUC Calls for Support for Ukrainian Unions

Chris Ford The British Trade Union Congress which has just met held a brief discussion on the Ukraine crisis and passed an emergency motion moved by the RMT.  The motion states: Congress 2014 – Emergency motion​  E1   Situation in Ukraine: Congress notes the comments of the NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on the day of the […]

“Azov” – What’s the problem?

Halya Coynash,  Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. It had seemed hard to imagine a better gift for Russian propaganda than a Ukrainian volunteer battalion formed by men with pronounced neo-Nazi views and a penchant for flaunting the wolf’s hook and other such symbols.   Even more fodder for Russia’s propaganda machine could soon be provided if […]